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Goodbye, Santa

About "Goodbye, Santa"
Santa Claus knows that children grow up, and there must come a time for him to say goodbye to each of them.  This book tells how he does it.  

For everyone who has seen Santa Claus first through a child's eyes, and then later from a parent's perspective, "Goodbye, Santa" is a picture book that reveals the true spirit of Santa as something everlasting.  Santa is as real today as ever, and children can be shamelessly told so.  

It is wrong to burden a child with the thought, "if you don't believe then you don't receive." Instead, "Goodbye, Santa" teaches that as a child grows older her focus should shift from merely receiving presents to learning how to give them.

Use this book to help gently prepare your children to face their own tender Goodbye Years with Santa, to ready yourself for handling their difficult questions, or perhaps to simply rekindle your memories of what such years have meant to you and your family in the past.

Described as bittersweet and heartwarming, this book is one we hope will serve many, many families for generations to come.  

"Never forget your time with Santa Claus.  It doesn't last forever."

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